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Iron-On Patch Instructions

Winks For Days Iron-On Patch Instructions and Helpful Tips

All patches purchased from us at Winks For Days come with heatseal, also known as iron-on backing, unless otherwise specified. The adhesive is rated for up to 30 washes. Be advised that heatseal doesn't play well with nylon or other synthetic fabrics. For a more permanent bond, we recommend E6000 Craft Adhesive. These embroidered patches can also be glued or sewn onto garments if you prefer.

Please follow our comprehensive step-by-step guide below for applying our iron-on patches.

*for best results, wash your garment before application

1. Set iron to medium-high heat.

Wait a couple of minutes, grab a drink, play some music, and let the iron get nice and hot.

2. Lay garment on hard surface.

By surface, we mean a heat-tolerant surface such as a sturdy table, wooden cutting board, or Mom’s granite countertops. Padded ironing boards will get wrinkles out of your shirt, but won’t work well to adhere your new patch.

3. Place patch face up wherever you’d like.

We’re almost certain you had an idea of where your Winks For Days patch was going to be placed before it arrived, but in case you didn’t, may we recommend:

  • Shirts: 7" - 9" down from left shoulder seam, between center and side seam, or 4" - 6" to the right of center. Just don’t go below the armpit.
  • Jackets, pants, and shorts: Cluster several patches in one area or iron-on a trail of patches down long sleeves or pant legs. The only way to mess this up is by not having enough patches!
  • Hats: Front and center is the most popular location for one of our patches, about 0.5" from the bottom. Check our measurements to make sure that the patch you’re applying to the hat is no more than 5″ W x 2.5″H in size. Most of our patches that are approximately 2”W x 2”H are perfect for the front, back, or sides.
  • Bags: Go crazy! Just watch out for seams, zippers, handles, or straps.

4. Cover with a piece of fabric.

Use a single layer of fabric, such as a press cloth or cotton bandana. This is to avoid scorching your Winks For Days patch. We’ve seen this happen, please don’t skip this step.
5. Apply firm pressure straight down with heated iron for about 45 seconds.
Be sure to apply constant pressure. We know your mind-brain is telling you to iron out the wrinkles, but do not move the iron side-to-side like you normally would. Allow it to cool a little before the next step.
6. Turn the garment inside out and iron the back of the patch for 30 seconds.
No need to cover this side with a piece of fabric. Be sure and apply constant pressure once again.
7. Gently check if backing is adhered to garment. Let garment cool and enjoy your patch!
Allowing the patch time to cool will help set the heatseal backing onto your garment. Simply repeat steps 4-6 if necessary.
Wait 48 hours before washing, and turn garment inside out when doing so.

Please contact us at with any questions.


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