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Halloween Costumes You Can Make On Your Own

Halloween Costumes You Can Make On Your Own
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Let’s talk about Halloween costumes.

Take a moment to recall your childhood Halloweens. Were you a clown? Vampire? Princess? Cowboy? Witch? Chances are that your favorite Halloween memories happened in homemade costumes. Even as an adult, nobody at that wicked awesome house party was impressed with store-bought Buzz Lightyear or sexy cop. Lame. Everyone agrees that homemade Halloween costumes are the BEST.

A homemade costume says “I care”. It takes forethought, creativity and finesse to create a costume for someone you love or yourself. And honestly, shredded black yarn glued onto your kid’s face is way more fun and realistic than the super shiny and plastic-smelling fake beard included with the pirate costume from aisle 7. Plus, you already had that black yarn! That’s the beauty of the homemade costume. If you can transform some cardboard boxes and dryer vent hose into an rad robot, you’ll win the costume contest every time.

So tonight as you’re putting the final feathers on your peacock tail or crafting a lightsaber out of a pool noodle, remember that it pays to be creative and frugal. People are are more impressed with your imagination and ingenuity than they are with money spent. Also, you’ll have a costume you can be proud of. Party tonight and you don’t have a costume? No worries, here some some last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas:

Ratty jeans + rock band t-shirt + messy, long blonde hair + dark-rimmed glasses = Garth

Ratty jeans + black t-shirt + long, dark hair + black hat = Wayne

Party on! But only if your guests are old enough to know about Wayne’s World.

T-shirt with the word “blessing” written or stuck on it + an eye mask = Blessing in disguise

Easy and clever, right?!

Giant cardboard box + giant clothing draped over the box + a hole for your head = Kanye West or Lil’ Pump in the “I Love It” video

Wow, your costume, I love it!

Green or brown clothing + leaves, twigs, flowers and critters = Mother Nature

Bonus: your costume is organic.

Don’t forget what we’ve learned here today. Even when it comes to your everyday wardrobe, you don’t need to run out and buy all new clothes in order to shake things up. Check out our selection of awesome iron-on patches! Winks For Days teamed up with your creativity is sure to produce some funky-fresh looks using clothes, hats and bags you already own. Grab some inspiration and an iron and create some special DIY magic with your closet classics!


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