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Fresh to Death

Fresh to Death
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What do flowers, food and princes have in common? They’re best when fresh. Winks For Days patch designs gotta be fresh too which is why we are proud to present ten new patch designs for your ironing pleasure. Let’s introduce you to the gang.

If whimsy and weirdness is your thing, the Flying Pig, Cherry Skulls, and Flying Ghost patches are for you. These crazy, colorful creations solidify your belief that anything can happen. Super pig, super creepy and supernatural boiii.

Perhaps you and your gal pals have been busy working toward female equality. In that case, may we suggest the Fries Before Guys and The Future is Female patches. Iron these adorable feminists patches onto your jackets and be the rowdiest ones at the rally.

People who wear patches often have a certain punk-rock attitude. Well, except for girl scouts - yet. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about all you badasses. Check out the Rad to the Bone and the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop patches. Glue 'em on you rebel, you.

Maybe your friends are thirsty for a chance to customize their clothes. Tell them it takes liquid courage, or maybe just some liquid-inspired designs like The Great Ocean Wave or Bubble Tea patches. All it takes is an iron to add vitamin sea and bubble tea to your backpacks!

Saving the best for last, we bring you the I Need my Space iron-on patch, which celebrates space exploration and the brave men and women who make it their mission to study the stars. Also introverts. We see you and we celebrate you, too. Ok ok, we’ll leave you alone now.

So there you have it. Please take a moment to browse our virtual isles and get to know each one of our new patches for yourself. All your favorite emoji-inspired patches are still there of course and they’re happy to have some new neighbors. Our new patches are wearable pieces of art, lovingly designed by our treasured Winks For Days designer, Jason Wyatt. We are very proud to bring you these unique creations and looking forward to keeping this place fresh for the foreseeable future.


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